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Catholic Health Services of Long Island Leaders Honored by Healthcare Trustees of New York State

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Bassett Healthcare Network—Little Falls Hospital, Catholic Health Services of Long Island Leaders Honored by Healthcare Trustees of New York State

(Bolton Landing, N.Y.) — Healthcare Trustees of New York State (HTNYS) presented its 2012 Trustee Leadership and Advocacy Awards to Joan Conboy, a Trustee at Bassett Healthcare Network—Little Falls Hospital, and Richard J. J. Sullivan, Jr., Board Chair at Catholic Health Services of Long Island.  The awards were presented at HTNYS’ 32nd Annual Trustee Conference on September 14.

Joan Conboy

Joan Conboy has been actively involved in the leadership of Bassett Healthcare Network—Little Falls Hospital (LFH) for more than three decades as a trustee, including several years as Chair of the Board of Trustees.  She has demonstrated exemplary leadership in the restructuring of LFH into a dynamic health care organization meeting community needs for high-quality health care in the Herkimer County region.

In 2004, Ms. Conboy was part of the leadership that led a process for LFH to affiliate with Bassett Healthcare.  This relationship enabled the expanded services needed within the community, with recent additions of adult day health care services, a dialysis treatment program, expansion of home care, and modernization of LFH equipment and facilities.  Restructuring requires leaders with vision and commitment, and Joan has helped position LFH, in partnership with Bassett Healthcare, to ensure the region’s health care needs are met.

Ms. Conboy is not only active on the LFH board and in her local community, she works tirelessly on advocacy efforts on the state and federal level to ensure laws are passed and policies developed that enable LFH and other hospitals to serve their communities.  She also serves in trustee leadership positions at the state and federal levels in helping guide the advocacy of the Healthcare Association of New York State and American Hospital Association.

As an astute business person, Ms. Conboy approaches complex discussions with tact and purpose, seeking a conclusion that has the stamp of community support.  She is also a sales person for ideas, solutions, building relationships, and mentoring.  With this energy in her speech and actions, LFH has been the benefactor of her wisdom, and a partner with communities.

At LHF, she has been a leader in strategic planning projects that have reshaped the role of the hospital in the community.  She has earned the trust and respect of her peers and numerous members of the LFH medical staff, and hundreds of LFH employees.

Richard J.J. Sullivan, Jr.

As Chair of Catholic Health Services (CHS) of Long Island’s Board of Directors, Richard J. J. Sullivan, Jr., has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  When the previous CHS president retired, Mr. Sullivan was nominated and confirmed as executive chairman until a successor could be found to lead the system.  In this unpaid role, he served as Chief Executive Officer of CHS from July 2011 until April 2012.  During that time, he guided and managed the system through notable events including Hurricane Irene.  This devastating hurricane hit the eastern portion of Long Island so hard that one of the CHS hospitals had to evacuate all patients within 24 hours.  Quickly and efficiently, hundreds of patients were safely transported to other CHS hospitals.

Under Mr. Sullivan’s leadership, CHS’ six hospitals, three nursing homes, hospice, home care, and services for people with special needs began to function more as a system rather than disparate entities.  Managed care negotiations pressed forward, physician recruitment and integration became a priority, and a new revenue cycle transformation initiative and strategic planning process were launched.  In addition, more than $140 million was invested to undertake electronic medical records implementation across the system.

Thanks largely to the stewardship of Mr. Sullivan, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Ratings Services raised its long-term rating and underlying rating to ‘A-’ from ‘BBB+’ on New York State Dormitory Authority bonds issued for CHS and indicated a stable outlook.  S&P stated the rating change reflected its view of CHS’ sustained improvement in operating performance, with solid revenue growth and increasing levels of profitability over five years.  S&P attributed the improved performance to management’s efforts to focus on core operations, improving quality, and increasing revenue through key service line development and physician integration.

In addition to these achievements, Mr. Sullivan truly embodies and fosters the Catholic Health Services mission, advocating enhanced access to health care for all.  Numerous examples of this are provided in the submitted nomination.  Whether it is through his efforts to promote the CHS Caregivers Fund, the expansion of health care outreach via Healthy Sundays, or the establishment of CHS’ Bishop McHugh Health Centers, Mr. Sullivan is always at the forefront, leading by example.

HTNYS, an affiliate of the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS), assists voluntary health care trustees through education, communications, and advocacy to promote the delivery of quality health care to all communities in a cost-effective manner.

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