For Immediate Release: March 8, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Seminar and Expo to Benefit On-Going Research

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New York Vapefest 2013; Rockville Centre, NY

(Rockville Centre, NY) – National Vapers Club announces New York Vapefest in Rockville Centre, NY, an event to promote research and education for e-cigarette users while providing a venue for the latest products.

Vapefest, the first annual e-cigarette convention, which started in 2010, is a fundraiser and educational forum. It funds research into the safety of e-cigarettes. Previous events funded a peer-reviewed Indoor Air Quality Study (IVAQS), published last fall in the scientific journal Inhalation Toxicology. The study determined e-cigarette emissions pose no apparent risk to human health.

Numerous vendors from across the world will be represented and provide free product samples. Free classes will be offered on all aspects of e-cigarette use. There will be a raffle with more than $2000 in prizes.

“This is a great opportunity to learn about e-cigarette use and the science behind it,” says Spike Babaian, event organizer. “Thousands of people who successfully switched to e-cigarettes have attended previous events. It is an amazing experience. We’re looking forward to bringing this event to New York.”

Dr. Carl V Phillips, tobacco harm reduction advocate, said about a previous Vapefest, “There is an amazing collection of variant devices for vaping… however, I still fear for the current smokers who have never heard of vaping, or have been convinced by disinformation from the FDA and others that it is not a sensible alternative to smoking.”

Adults over 18 are invited to the Mill River Manor Best Western, Rockville Centre, NY, Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23, 2pm-10pm. $10 Entry for guests and free entry and free e-cigarette for smokers. Details at

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