For Immediate Release: December 19, 2012

Nassau Inter-County Express Announces New NICE Bus Schedules

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New NICE Bus Schedules Begin December 30, 2012

(Long Island, N.Y.) Beginning December 30, 2012, Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) will put in effect new schedules that will include changes to most routes in the system. Every quarter, NICE reviews and adjusts schedules to improve overall system performance, including on-time performance.

NICE customers can pick up new printed timetable brochures on their bus or at NICE and MTA transit centers (clearly marked December 30, 2012, visit or call 516-228-4000 to determine if and how these service adjustments may affect your bus. Printed schedules are also available at more than 75 government offices, hospitals, colleges, libraries and others locations through-out Nassau County.

Information is also available on Facebook by liking “The NICE Bus.” A mobile application for is also available from that site.

In most cases, service adjustments consist of minor timetable adjustments that will not be noticeable to riders. In a few cases, routes have been slightly restructured to make transfers to other routes possible or require transfers where they did not exist. Also, new stops on some express routes will be added.

On a quarterly basis, NICE reviews and adjusts schedules in response to rider patterns, to address specific concerns and to maximize utilization of the system in ways that benefit the most riders possible.

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