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Premiere Showing of the Fall 2006 Fur and Cashmere Collection at Dazzelle Boutique

Published August 22, 2006 by Cognac Wellerlane · Under Gossip

Cognac Wellerlane
Cognac Wellerlane

(Long Island, NY) On Friday evening I was invited to an elegant champagne cocktail reception at Southamptons’s Dazzelle Boutique to launch the premier showing of the Fall 2006 cashmere and spectacular fur collection designed by famous fur Designer David Goodman.

The evening began with a special photo shoot arranged in the back of my limousine en route to the event with my friend celebrity event photographer, Shane Gritzinger. My chauffer pulled up in front of the boutique where pedestrian onlookers stopped in their tracks.

We arrived fashionably late around 7:00 p.m. I made my grand Hamptons entrance wearing a glamorous shocking orange cocktail dress, dripping in diamonds and coral jewelry and wrapped in white fox fur as event photographer Shane Gritzinger from filmmagic.com clicked away taking important press photos of this high profile event.

DavidGoodman37Society fur designer David Goodman made a personal appearance and was on hand to answer questions about the unveiling of his new luxurious minks, sables, featherweight reversible furs and my favorite chinchilla, which I modeled throughout the event.

Mr. Goodman also presented his Buonoumo cashmere collection which must be seen to be believed. The collection was simply divine darlings!! These fabulous fur-trimmed cashmere knits are the ultimate in luxury dressing. This prestigious trunk show featuring his Fall 2006 collection will be from August 17th to the 20th.

Glamorous social gadfly Joan Jedell, Editor in Chief and Publisher of the Hampton Sheet was there to give her support and promote the event and was modeling a magnificent golden sable coat.

DavidGoodman50Talk about celebrity gossip in the Hamptons and Ms Jedell, my sources tell me that the ravishing redhead Ms. Jedell was banned from Saturday night’s Red Cross Ball in the Hamptons. Apparently The Hampton Sheet editor and publisher was so furious when she was told to sit at the press table. Ms. Jedell used several choices of off color words thinking she was speaking to the event coordinator, turns out she was cursing at the event host Todd Rome. You go girlfriend!!!

And to add insult to injury offended Mr. Rome told her unless she pays the $1,000 dollars for the ticket, she is banned from his palatial home and the ball. Joan, darling it would not have been so bad, You and I could have sat together at the press table and talked all night about David Goodman Furs. Well darlings, I am sure it will all get resolved and they will kiss and makeup eventually, my money is on Joan.

Please do check out Dazzelle Boutique, it is absolutely the superb shopping experience for the most glamorous Hamptonites, and movie stars.

Dazzelle Boutique is located at 47 Jobs Lane in Southampton.

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