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Luscious Diva Mariah Carey

Published June 6, 2006 by Cognac Wellerlane · Under Gossip

Cognac Wellerlane

(Long Island, NY) Super star, Recording Artist Mariah Carey was born in Long Island on March 27, 1970. Carey and her siblings grew up living on Long Island in 13 successive houses. Thirteen must be a lucky number because Carey rose to super-stardom as the best selling female performer of the 1990’s. Ms. Carey has been compared to her rivals Recording Artist Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Her stunning five-Octave voice ranges from hip-hop dance-pop to glossy ballad melodies.

Her family kept moving from house to house on Long Island after her parents divorced when she was three years old. Unfortunately this left Carey feeling insecure. Mariah was able to overcome this obstacle by believing and visualizing everyday of her life that some thing better would be on the way.

At the age of 17 luscious Carey moved to New York City, one day after graduating from High School. She decided to pursue a career in show business. Her big break came as a backup singer for Vocalist Brenda K. Starr. Dance Pop Star Brenda was at a party when she handed Carey’s demo tape to Tommy Mottola , Columbia Record Executive. According to gossip Mottola was driving home in his limo and decided to listen to the tape that same evening. After listening to Mariah Carey’s stunning voice he decided to return to the party and hunt her down.

Columbia signed Carey and a romance blossomed with Carey and Mottola. The couple married in June of 1993 and bought a majestic 50- acre estate outside of New York City. During the 90’s Mariah became an overnight success with one hit after another. After signing with Columbia Ms. Carey began work on her 1990 self-titled debut LP; the heavily promoted album which became a chart-topping smash, launch four number one singles: “Someday”, “Love Takes Time”, I’Don’t Wanna Cry”, and “Vision”. Gorgeous Mariah earned her Grammy Awards as Best Female Vocalist and Best New Artist. More hits followed along the way. In 1994 she resurfaced with a holiday release titled Merry Christmas, scoring a seasonal smash with “All I want for Christmas is You.” 1995’s Daydream reflected a new artistic maturity. The first single, “Fantasy”, debuted at number one, making Carey the first female artist and just the second performer ever to accomplish the feat.


Artist Mariah Carey at the Grammy Awards in 1991

The 2000’s were not especially kind to Ms. Carey. Carey signed an 80 million dollar deal with Virgin records – the biggest contract ever which caused a great deal of stress on the young recording artist causing her a psychological meltdown. She also received terrible reviews on her much publicized film “Glitter”. The film did not do well at the box office. Frankly I did not think it was nearly as bad as the critics made it out to be and the lovely Carey never looked more beautiful in the film. Unfortunately the film and the album did so poorly making just under 4 million dollars in its total U.S. gross. The soundtrack also struggled to make gold sales.

Finally the surviving diva made a hit with “The Emancipation of Mimi” her most successful selling CD in years which won her three Grammy’s.

Super Star Pop Diva Mariah now lives in a spectacular 12,000 square foot penthouse pad in Manhattan. She loves listening to music in her recently completed Moroccan-style lounge on the third floor. After divorcing Mottola, the glamorous penthouse is the first place she ever owned by herself so it is all her total glam all the way. Taffeta curtains, plush sofas, glittering light fixtures and chandeliers making the triplex Old Hollywood and art deco-y” the kind of place every little girls dreams about when they want to become a movie star!!!! Carey was inspired by old movie stars especially Joan Crawford when she had her extravagant walk in closest designed. Marble floors, climate controlled, crystal chandelier, mirrors everywhere, a pink fainting couch, Carey’s glamorous closet is bigger than most peoples apartments in Manhattan. Mariah also collects Marilyn Monroe memorabilia and even accessorized one of her bathrooms with photographs of the star. What’s next for the Glamorous Carey?

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