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Long Island Flood Zones

Long Island is known for its beauty and rich real estate, as well as some of the most gorgeous beaches in the United States. There are people from all around world that travel to Long Island to explore its many beaches, celebrity homes, and entertainment; mainly during the summer months. Although living on the island has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages when it comes to flooding. Every year, houses are flooded and neighborhoods are ruined by unexpected flooding. There are multiple locations on the island to be weary of when it comes to ensuring you are not in a potential flooding zone, especially during the hurricane season.

The entirety of Long Island has the potential for major flooding, but the southernmost parts of the island are at the greatest risks. During hurricane season both Fire Island and the Hamptons regions are all flood zones due to hurricane projected paths going from South to North on the East Coast in most cases. For normal, yet strong storms not originating from hurricanes, the northern coastal parts of Long Island are just as much of a flood zone risk as the southern parts.

New York State Office of Emergency Management Long Island Flood Zone Map

For specific areas besides whole towns to be aware of, are roadsides that run directly along the beach or are separated by only a rock wall and the ocean. During storms, the waves can reach well above and beyond those rock walls, and definitely are more capable of over running a road next to a beach. Asharoken Avenue that connects the town of Northport to Eatons Neck is a prime example of this scenario. Surrounded on both sides by waters of Long Island Sound; during severe storms waves are renowned for crashing over the little rock walls bordering the road and flooding major parts of it, preventing residents from being able to get to or leave Eatons Neck until the water recedes.

There are many flood zones on Long Island that potential residents need to be aware of before deciding on where homes should be built. Acquiring this knowledge is a definite step in the right direction, ensuring safety precautions are taken to prevent future disasters. Being on Long Island is an amazing and wonderful experience, but you have to make sure you are establishing your home in a safe part of it.

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