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Dana Klosner
Dana Klosner

(Long Island, N.Y.) The indie-alternative rock music played by Long Island band, Face the King, is known all over the world. “The music,”  says drummer Randy Palumbo, ”is about uniting people.”

“People aren’t different from one another,” Palumbo said in a recent interview. “When the lights go down we’re all the same there’s no need to discriminate.”

Face The King, made up of Eric Zirlinger, Dan DelVecchio, Joey Dammacco and Randy Palumbo,  has played as far north as Massachusetts, as far south as Florida and as far west as California. The band practices in Amityville and its members are from Farmingdale, Wantagh, Bellmore and the North Shore.

Face The King. (Photo by: Kristin Tully; Makeup by: Cristina Calderaro)

The band has only been together four years. But in that short time has built up quite a following.

“Due to the Internet we have fan clubs in Portugal, France, England, Brazil and Canada,” Palumbo said. A little closer to home, the band has a big following in the Northeast between Philly and Connecticut.

“The music is poppy enough that it can be played on the radio,” Palumbo said. “It’s not abrasive but it does get deep and dark at times. It’s provocative. It lets you see what’s going on in your own mind.”

The band just released a four track mini EP called “Sound EP.” This is a preview to a full length album called “You, Me and The Sound,” that will be available shortly.

Named the Best Band of Long Island by Long Island Press earlier this year the band has played big festivals including Warp tour and in big venues like Syracuse and Embry Riddle Aeronautical Universities. They can be seen around Manhattan at places including the Gramercy Theater, The Highline Ballroom and Webster Hall.
They have partnered with the anti-discrimination group Hate to Hate led by Tim #37 (Tim Martinez) a booking agent who is big in New York, in an anti-bullying campaign.

“We each have our own story why anti-bullying is important to us,” Palumbo said. “I was bullied all through elementary school, junior high and high school. I was never very good at sports and even though I was in the band I didn’t show up every day and I didn’t fit in. I got my hair pulled. Even teachers made fun of me. Anti-bullying is really important to me.”

For Randy playing music is all about the fans. “It’s the passion we get from the fans,” he said. “When they come up to us at a show and say the music makes their day better that’s a great feeling. Or when they send an email and say ‘listening to your music put a smile on my face.’ That’s icing on the cake. “

“A big part of why I play music is to be creative,” he continued. “It’s an art form where I can express myself.”
Palumbo doesn’t write music although he does play guitar. He said the band considers him the captain of the ship.

“I’m the new guy at the helm steering the ship,” he said. “When we compose music I help with the flow so that it makes sense.”

The band, which usually travels and plays all year, is coming off the road.

“We’re back in the studio to finish the next full length album. Then we’re going to get back in there and perform bigger and stronger than before.”

For more information or to order an EP go to facethekingband.com


Dana Klosner
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Published December 6, 2013 · Under Fun on LI

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