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   For Immediate Release: March 3, 2014

Alliance for Quality Education Responds to Defrancisco Remarks on Pre-K, State Executive Budget

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(NEW YORK) The Alliance for Quality Education released today the following statement from Executive Director Billy Easton on Sen. DeFrancisco’s frank admission that there is no “blank check” for pre-K and no solid multi-year commitment to fund universal pre-K:

“We don’t always see eye to eye with Sen. DeFrancisco but in this case his honesty refreshingly cuts through the spin and malarkey about pre-K funding,” said AQE’s Billy Easton. “As Senator DeFrancisco has made abundantly clear, this is a one year budget proposal, it contains $100 million for pre-K and there is no blank check for pre-K. No wonder Mayor de Blasio is pushing for a separate, dedicated tax.”

On Friday, Sen. DeFrancisco told State of Politics that:

“Well, there’s enough money in the budget to get it started and I think that’s all the governor is claiming in the dollars for the pre-k, and it’s obviously going to have to be a yearly discussion concerning how many more pre-k programs there are…It’ll be up to future legislative bodies whether or not there’s going to be enough funding to keep it going and accelerate it.”

About AQE
The Alliance for Quality Education is a coalition mobilizing communities across the state to keep New York true to its promise of ensuring a high quality public education to all students regardless of zip code, income or race. Combining its legislative and policy expertise with grassroots organizing, AQE advances proven-to-work strategies that lead to student success and echo a powerful public demand for a high quality education.

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