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   For Immediate Release: January 22, 2013

Bumblefoot, Brimstone & Food Hounds Launch Gourmet Sauce and Seasoning

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Bumblefoot, Brimstone & Food Hounds Launch Gourmet Sauce and Seasoning with CaJohn’s Fiery Foods 

(New York, NY) – Hound Entertainment Group has officially announced the release and availability of their collections of branded Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Will ‘Brimstone’ Kucmierowski and Food Hound signature products.  The announcement followed the celebrity filled ‘Spicy Hound Extravaganza‘ launch and release party on January 15th, earlier in the week. The event, which was held by Hound Comics, Inc. (Hound Entertainment Group) and sponsored by CaJohn’s Fiery Foods, Eastsport, Yelp, and Times Scare – revealed and celebrated an array of Hound celebrity related projects including the highly anticipated collection of Bumblefoot hot sauces; as well as Brimstone and Food Hound: Tidbits sauces and seasonings.  Following the unveiling, the products had been made available worldwide via the official CaJohn website as the wholesale and retail distribution is currently being put into place.  “Just minutes after making the Bumblefoot, Brimstone and Food Hound products live online, they began selling at a rapid rate!  It’s been extremely impressive!” says John Hard, President of CaJohn’s Fiery Foods.

Heat and sweet seeking fans will now have the divine opportunity to revel in the secret recipes of Thal and Kucmierowski that were brought to fruition with the assistance of Chef Steve Lawrence.  This has been a dream come true for the long-time Guns N’ Roses guitarist and solo artist, who’s patiently been awaiting the chance to show them off to the world for many years.  “After years of saying ‘someday’ I finally got to hold bottles of Bumblefoot hot sauces in my hands, and share them with friends. said, Thal. “Regardless of whether I’m home or touring; I enjoy cooking – and absolutely enjoy eating!  CaJohn’s has given Etan, Luscious and I the incredible opportunity to share our love with fans around the globe.says Brimstone, Hound President & CEO.  As almost all of the products are all natural with no preservatives, gluten free and peanut allergy safe; there is literally something in this arsenal of deliciousness for anyone.


Times Scare Event Marquee


Bumblefoot, Brimstone & Tony Harnell, Photo Credit: Fernando Cuestas


Food Hounds Luscious & Etan Wishon Red Carpet, Photo Credit: Champion Hamilton


Food Hounds (Brimstone, Luscious & Etan Wish) on Red Carpet, Photo Credit: Champion Hamilton


Brimstone and The Borderhounds Backpacks, Photo Credit : Urban Adventures


Bumblefoot BumbleBabe Guitar Cases , Photo Credit: Urban Adventures


Bumblefooton on Red Carpet, Photo Credit: Champion Hamilton


Jene Luciani on Red Carpet, Photo Credit: Champion Hamilton


Product 01, Photo Credit: Urban Adventures


Product 4, Photo Credit: Urban Adventures


Product 3, Photo Credit: Urban Adventures


Product 2, Photo Credit: Urban Adventures

Thal’s variety of flavors not only make delectable additions to any hot sauce aficionado’s collection; but also pays homage to Bumblefoot’s illustrious career as a successful solo artist as a majority of the sauces are lovingly named after past albums.  Normal is mild with Mediterranean herbs while Abnormal offers a thermo-nuclear heat with a Caribbean kick of tamarind and island spices (to which Thal warns is not for beginners); the Uncool lays in between the two previously mentioned with a medium heat and offers a twist of curry, cumin and citrus as inspired by Bumblefoot’s favorite tours of the Far East.  The most dominating sauce in the collection, meant for “pain junkies” has been appropriately dubbed, BumbleF**KED and serves up a tropical fruit and ginger flavor, quickly followed by a six-million-Scoville sledgehammer of caffeine and ginseng!  To even out the heat with a little sweet; Thal included flavors like Bumblicious! a delicious blend of sweet cherries, bourbon and chipotle as well as BumbleBabe– which contains an indulgent, edgy, sweet and spicy chocolate and cherry flavor.  A percentage of proceeds from the sales of BumbleBabe will be donated to help fight breast cancer as announced during an upcoming interview with Bumblefoot and Brimstone to be published by Cause Celeb on MSNBC.

“For those people who can’t take the heat; you can stay in the kitchen!” says Etan Wish, Hound Director of Operations & Food Hound personality.  Although Brimstone has his fiery blends of cayenne and red savina called Hell Dust; as well as the Asian inspired Sweet Heat Treat (sweet chile hot sauce)… the majority of his and the Food Hound: Tidbits lines can be generally used without fear of too much spice!  The diversity between the products is vast including Awesomesauce; a sweet teriyaki glaze and the Oh Damn! pineapple/mango salsa.  Cherry Bomb is a Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce with bite, while the Luscious: Lip Smack’in is a Raspberry Vodka BBQ Sauce that offers a sweet, berry taste.  Lastly on the sauce line-up is the Drizzle finishing sauce; a cherry, chocolate, bourbon finishing sauce – chipotle style.  “Everyone needs a little spice in their life; if you go Hound – we won’t let you down!” says Brimstone of the various seasonings including Flavor Behavior (all purpose seasoning), Grindhouse (spicy all purpose seasoning), Tastebud Tangoa lime based rub for poultry, pork and fish; and Ya’ Bacon Me Crazy that blends bacon and a smoky mesquite flavor to create a memorable meal.

Hound Entertainment fans will be excited to know that this new venture is only one of many to be launched in 2013 by Bumblefoot, Brimstone and Hound Entertainment.  The product expansion of the Hound celebrity based brands will include a vast signature line of Bumblefoot and BumbleBabe guitar cases hitting retailers worldwide in the coming months; the Rising Star by Jene Lucianilingerie inspired handbag collection due out Fall 2013 and the currently available Brimstone and The Borderhoundsline of backpacks – all through their partnership with Eastsport, Inc.

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