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   For Immediate Release: November 4, 2013

Roof Savers Long Island: LI Biz Focuses on Second Opinion Seekers

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Roof Savers Long Island takes different approach by giving customers what they would logically want; a simple repair to existing roof, at lowest possible cost.

(Long Island, NY) A new roofing company with a new mentality on roofing had it’s debut today, according to Ben Wright, a spokesperson for Roof Savers Long Island which is located at 292 Main Street #2s Huntington, NY 11743.

Roof Savers Long Island Project Manager Joe Salguero is quoted as saying “We ONLY perform repairs, so selling an entire roof is never our focus”. Most roofers seek to sell a homeowner a new roof almost every time out. It’s a bigger and more profitable job that keeps their crews busy. Roof Savers Long Island however takes an entirely different approach by giving the customer what they would logically want; a simple repair to their roofing problem at the lowest possible cost.

It all starts with hiring some of the best technicians on Long Island. The “Roof Savers” are experienced GAF certified roofers who utilize all of the high performance materials on the market today thereby allowing the long term repair of roofing that could have never been saved in the past.

During Hurricane Sandy Long Island residents experienced high winds blowing off or damaging sections of their roofing. Roof Savers Long Island repairs & refurbishes such a roof with materials like self adhering roofing membranes, types of industrial strength peel and stick waterproofing sheets, which when installed beneath the roofing material can completely attack & eliminate a variety of leak types on asphalt shingle, metal, or tile roofs. They also use elastomeric coatings, a rubberized sealant, which expands and contracts with varying temperatures throughout the year and has a variety of functions in the repair and long-term maintenance of low pitch or flat roofs.

Ice Damming occurs when ice builds up on gutters creating a shelf at the edge of the roof for snow to accumulate. As the snow accumulates from the edge up it goes onto the roof where it will then melt during the day and freeze up again at night. During the melting period water works its way under the shingles. The water will leak through the shingle and sheathing and find its way into the home where leaking will occur at the point where the roof meets the ceiling on the exterior walls. This damage would require a highly skilled roofing contractor to remove the roof from the gutter line 3-4 inches up and install the self adhering roofing membranes discussed above prior to installing the remaining roofing materials. Most roofing companies would not attempt to make this repair but instead would insist that an entire new roof be installed. On the contrary, Roof Savers Long Island even offers a long term warranty on such a repair.

Roof Savers Long Island adheres to the approach that quality money saving repairs along with the peace of mind of a long term warranty is exactly what a customer wants.

For any Long Island residents looking to avoid buying a new roof without compromising on their existing roof this innovative service will be a great fit. Learn more about Roof Savers Long Island repair services today at or call them at (631) 629-4515

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