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Long Island: Westbury

Westbury Map Westbury is a village located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. It is within the Town of North Hempstead. The majority of its residents have been recorded as Italian-Americans, African-Americans, and Hispanic Americans.

As of the 2010 census, there were 15,146 people, 5,079 households and 3,623 families residing in the area. The median income for a household in the village was $80,872 and the median income for a family was $92,516. Males had a median income of $52,548 and $45,708 for females. The latitude of Westbury is 40.755N. The longitude is -73.588W. It is in the Eastern Standard time zone. Elevation is 102 feet.

Incorporated Village of Westbury New York A sign welcomes visitors and residents to the Incorporated Village of Westbury New York, a community for all seasons.

Westbury Nathan Frankfurters Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters, 1530 Old Country Road. The Westbury location is the oldest and largest privately owned Nathan’s in the world. It opened its doors in 1978. The first Nathan’s opened in Coney Island in 1916 about 30 miles from this location.

The village history started when Captain J. Seaman bought 12,000 acres from the Algonquian Tribe of the Massapequa Indians in 1657. The community was named after a town in Wiltshire, England by an English Quaker, Henry Willis. In 1658, also an English Quaker, Edmond Titus and his son, Samuel settled in the area together with Richard Stites and his family. Many Quaker families were also seeking a place to freely express their religious beliefs joined the Tituses and Willises. In the late 19th century, the village moved its agricultural setting began to settle and build mansions. The area is now known as Old Westbury. The village was incorporated in 1932.

Powells Lane Elementary School Powells Lane Elementary School, Powells Lane, Westbury, NY.

Childrens Sign Outside Powells Lane Elementary School A sign outside the Powells Lane Elementary School.

Notable residents in Westbury include Joe Satriani (virtuoso guitarist and guitar teacher), Doctor Dre (rapper and MTV VJ), and Bill O’Reilly (television news anchor). The Village 75th Anniversary has a lot of memorable events and activities which made possible by The Board of Trustees. This includes all facets of the community and full support of Westbury residents. Some Westbury organizations also sponsor many fairs, feasts, and celebrations during the year.

Westbury Roads A typical road in Westbury Long Island.

The Source Mall The Mall at the Source, known to area residents as The Source Mall or simply The Source.

The construction of the new memorial park in the area is dedicated primarily to the Westbury People who were lost in the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The Village’s Recreation Center is the home of some great activities such as table tennis, ballet instruction, and many more. It also sponsors a great After School Program and Summer Playground Program.

Westbury Village Shopper Parking Field The Westbury Village Shopper Parking Field Number 7.

Westbury African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church In 1834, this church, built by early settlers, was known as the New Light Baptist Church, known today as the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; corner of Union Avenue and Cross Street.

In recent times there have been improvements to street lights with pedestrian lanterns, road signs, and flower baskets add to the charm of the Village’s business district courtesy of now retired Mayor Ernest Strada and his subordinates. The Village Square is the newest Westbury Village attraction located at the corner of Post and Maple Avenues. It features 13,000 square feet of community space with an active stone waterfall and brick pavers. The village also plans to put benches and a four-side kiosk to provide information on community organizations, local businesses, and upcoming events. The Westbury School District composes in around six schools offer outstanding programs which help the students to achieve major accomplishments in life.

Incorporated Village of Westbury A sign welcomes visitors and residents to the Incorporated Village of Westbury New York, a community for all seasons.

The Space at Westbury The Space at Westbury, a historic event space that can accommodate for a concert hall, a movie theater or special events. The renovated former Westbury Theater, is outfitted with plush seating, massive chandeliers, Italian tile and six bars.

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