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Queens: Kew Gardens Hills

Kew Gardens HillsKew Gardens Hills is a neighborhood located in the borough of Queens, part of the Metropolitan area of New York City. It is part of Queens Community Board 8 and roughly encompasses ZIP code 11367 (Flushing). The neighborhood is surrounded by Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to the west, by the Long Island Expressway to the north, Union Turnpike to the south, and Parsons Boulevard (or by 164th Street depending on one’s definition of the boundaries) to the east.

As of 2010 census, there were 37, 479 people, 13,641 households, and 9,244 families residing in the area. The median income for a household in the village is $54,027.

Kew Garden Hills Condos Kew Garden Hills Condos and Co-Ops. Originally conceived as an extension of nearby Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills is situated at the southwestern corner of the Town of Flushing

Albert P. Mauro A stone dedicated to Albert P. Mauro, a great humanitarian and lifelong champion for parks preservation.

Albert Mauro Playground Albert Mauro Playground, named after an environmentalist and activist, the playground features basketball courts, play equipment and swings as well as a foot bridge to Willow Lake which Mauro fought to protect.

Theodor Herzl Monument A monument dedicated to Theodor Herzl, He was one of the fathers of modern political Zionism.

Hillcrest, Briarwood, and Queensboro Hill are adjacent neighborhoods in Kew Gardens Hills. The neighborhood also forms an ethnically rich part of Queens, and with Kew Gardens, is a major center of the Orthodox Jewish life. The commercial areas include Main Street, Union Turnpike, Parsons Boulevard, and Kissena Boulevard. Several highways in Kew Gardens Hills are Grand Central Parkway, Van Wyck Expressway, and the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

Pat Dolan Trail Pat Dolan Trail, named after Pat Dolan at the suggestion of the president of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Conservancy, a group originally founded by Ms. Dolan.

Stepping Stone Day School Stepping Stone Day School, a private, not-for-profit preschool program serving young children and their families in early childhood education.

Main Street and 77 Road A bus stop at Main Street and 77 Road, Kew Gardens Hills.

Kew Gardens Hills Post Office Kew Gardens Hills Post Office in Flushing, New York 11367.

In the early part of the 20th century, Kew Gardens Hills was still a part of Queens Valley when golf courses followed by houses came up on the wavy and elevated tracts of land. It had been used for horticulture and farms in the preceding century. The local civic association which was founded in 1941 has served all Kew Gardens Hills residents by urging on their behalf with government and other public service providers. Public safety, sanitation, the infrastructure, streets and roads, libraries, parks and playgrounds are some the keystones of the association’s efforts as KGHCA strives to guarantee the quality of life that makes Kew Gardens Hills a prime Queens residential neighborhood.

Young Israel of Queens Valley Young Israel of Queens Valley, 141-55 77th Ave, Flushing, NY 11367.

Queen of Peace Parish Queen of Peace Parish at 141-36 77th Ave, Kew Garden Hills, New York 11367.

Queen of Peace Parish Queen of Peace Parish at 141-36 77th Ave, Kew Garden Hills, New York 11367.

Shevach High School Shevach High School, Kew Gardens Hills.

Notable residents living in Kew Gardens Hills include Robert Chartoff (producer of the film Rocky), Martin Landau (actor), Bob Dylan (rock legend), Michael Landon (actor), and Art Garfunkel (American singer-songwriter and actor). Residents make an eclectic mix but Orthodox Jewish people are the most numerous population. There are also other immigrants from Israel, Russia, Tajikistan, Africa, and the Middle East. Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills is a body of considerable influence in the area. The neighborhood has a track record of stable development during the past 5 decades or more.

Shalom and Mecheieh Pharmacy Shalom and Mecheieh Pharmacy, a well-known Kew Gardens Hills pharmacy.

Haym Salomon Square Haym Salomon Square, named after Haym Salomon (1740-1785),  a Jewish immigrant from Poland, best known for his contribution on behalf of the fledgling American nation during the Revolutionary War.

Young Israel Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills.

Kew Gardens Hills Pediatrics Kew Gardens Hills Pediatrics offers pediatrics care of infants, children and adolescents, by Dr. Levine.

The Queens College campus on Horace Harding Expressway is an important landmark in Kew Gardens Hills. It has been a perfect place for followers of history and the Arts as well, in the form of the Godwin-Ternbach Museum and the Colden Center for the Performing Arts. Many of the best concerts of Classical Music and Jazz in Queens are held there. The Museum has a tradition of arranging significant exhibitions at regular intervals and attracts international attention from the most respected authorities in the worlds of History and Fine Arts. Kew Gardens Hills is predominantly an upper middle class neighborhood. New Yorkers who can afford luxury housing tend to prefer Kew Gardens Hills for its dual advantages of proximity to offices and scenic beauty.

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